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The Mastertuning 2.0 is ready for the A500!

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  • The Mastertuning 2.0 is ready for the A500!

    For all A500 customers: you just got a new speaker!
    ...although not quite in a literal form. But if you close your eyes, you will really think you did. The Mastertuning 2.0 is not like any of the previous Mastertunings. This is a complete rework of the speakers DSP & features like LLE, protection system, bass extension and tuning, balance, crossover frequencies and much more.
    So, what to expect when you listen compared to the Mastertunings 1.0? In my own words, you will experience a clear improvement on:
    ✓ Soundstage depth.
    ✓ Image clarity and realism.
    ✓ Less compression at higher SPL levels.
    ✓ Improved dynamics.
    ✓ LLE (Low Level Enhancement): Improves Fletcher Munson curve corrections accuracy for much better low volume performance (huge improvement here!)
    ✓ A more detailed yet relaxed tweeter performance.
    ✓ Bass performance that blends more seamlessly and naturally.
    Overall a more organic, engaging and balanced sound that gives the speakers more identity and soul, yet with a flat frequency response still.
    Changes like this without touching hardware sounds unrealistic, but you would be amazed by how much power we have here. It has been a very time consuming task where listing, adjusting and perfecting features has been a big part of this design. Compared to our previous approach where we relied mostly on perfect measurements, tuning by ear and heart have taken a front seat here. Not to say we compromise on those sweet looking Measurements of course.
    We are planning on releasing more variants on the 2.0 platform, just like we did on the original mastertunings.
    Planned variants are:
    ‣ Less LLE effect: Despite it’s theoretically correct in this, some might find it too bass heavy at lower volumes as we are not used to this correction.
    ‣ Nearfield optimized tuning
    ‣ 3-way tuning
    ‣ + 2dB tweeter level
    ‣ Wall filter tuning
    Please let us know if you agree with us here, we would love to hear your feedback on this and possible ideas of what we should do with the variations.
    ‣ The A700 are next in line to get this treatment!
    Download Mastertuning 2.0 right here:
    Daniel Lindholdt