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Buchardt Stands - Setup

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  • Buchardt Stands - Setup

    Hi -

    Are there any instructions for setting up the new Buchardt stands. It seems fairly intuitive but would like something to validate my setup against. For example, there are more screws etc than probably needed - are these just spare?

    Are we expected to 'stick' the stands to the bottom of the speaker with the sticky gel pads and if so, what happens if you want to change stands - will these easily remove without marking the speakers?

    Also, are people going to be using the stability feet?

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. I have the dark oak stands with black A500's and they look amazing together.

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    Search for Buchardt of Facebook. Mads posted a video. I haven’t used the gel pads as I have others. Not sure I would want to stick anything to the speaker


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      We have a youtube video (should be uploaded today on youtube) but you can find it under our facebook page for now. This shows just shortly about the stand.

      I would recommend that you use the stability foot, it's of course optional. The sticky gel pads are extremely strong! I recommend that you actually cut each strip into two, so you have 4 smaller pieces for each stand.

      The extra spikes are just spares
      Regards Mads Buchardt.