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A500 room calibration in complete silence and curve not showing

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  • A500 room calibration in complete silence and curve not showing

    [SOLVED read below]

    Hi all,

    today I decided to do the room calibration. I am using the OFFICIAL iOS app (not the beta). I proceeded to do the room calibration and everything worked as expected with the difference that no audible sound came out from the speakers (in the video Mads says that a loud sound will come out of the speakers and you can hear it during the calibration in his video).

    In any case, after one minute of me moving the phone all over the room in complete silence, the app showed a room correction graph, it asked if I wanted to enable it and I said "enable". At this point I exited the app.

    Question 1: is it normal that no noise comes from the speakers when doing room calibration? Are the informational videos old?

    Question 2: I went back to the app to see the room correction graph and the graph is empty. The two only options are "room calibration" where it allows you to do a new calibration or "edit HQ". I chose the second one since I did not want to do a new calibration. However, in the next screen no calibration curve is shown. Is this a bug? How do I know if the room calibration filter is enabled or not? The two buttons say "redo" or "enable" but I never disabled it so it should be already enabled. Please see the attached screenshot.

    Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.

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    SOLVED: do not enable "do not disturb" mode on your phone or it will not work!


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      Nice thread, good tip!