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    Originally posted by Piano0412 View Post
    As we all love the listening experience on our Buchardt gear, I would highly appreciate to get some recommendation for great tracks.

    To make a start: I listen to „This Bitter Earth“ a fantastic Jazz album by the young singer Veronica Swift. I absolutely fell in love with her beautiful voice.
    Thanks! if you like quiet music, with a female voice, then I can definitely recommend Agnes Obel. Sounds great on the A500


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      I have created a Tidal playlist called "sounds good" for just these songs! I think, as Daniel said above, the quality is more to do with the recording than the speakers. I stream Tidal from my iPhone through the Platin Hub. (Can't wait for it to have Tidal COnnect, btw).

      Thanks all for the songs suggested above, I'm adding them to my list. Here's my playlist (heavy on 80's-90's, alternative and some hip-hop):

      Also, although it didn't start this way but since this thread has veered toward female singers, if you haven't heard Angelique Kidjo, give her a listen (on the playlist above) or here:
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        I just blasted these two albums at full volume and was really amazed how they were carried by the dynamics and richness of the A500. Pretty visceral experience and awesome showcase of what these speakers can do. love it!

        psychic by Darkside

        22, A million by Bon Iver


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          I have another recommendation: Hiromi The Trio Project performing "Alive" (Live in the Studio) - YouTube


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          Miles Davis - Kind of Blue (and can some explain how a recording from 1959 can sound so good?h


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            i listen a lot of blues Miles Davis,john lee hooker Kenny burial to name a few.
            But I listen to al kind of music from Joshua radin to metallica, mt dad worked at Sony so I grew up with music.
            I recently stumbled across yogi horikawa- letter and was pleasanty surprised, nice and easy music to relax to.


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              I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the A700's in my listening room, but still enjoying my Naim/Sonus Faber set up. Listened to a few great tracks last night, including Manha de Carnaval from Patricia Barber's 1994 album Cafe Blue. This whole album is beautifully recorded, but she's not everyone's cup of tea. However, I have yet to meet anyone who isn't blown away by Manha de Carnaval. Can't wait to hear this LOUD on the A 700s.


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                I put together an Apple music playlist with very well recorded and mixed jazz-fusion music, so I can seriously show off my Buchardts



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                  For those interested: here's a link to the ASR forum where you can find the critical (best) music tracks for speaker and room EQ testing.


                  Quite helpful while testing different Mastertunings.

                  Also interesting that the best music for judging is female pop, rock and the worst jazz trio ...

                  I also enjoy how the A500 perform Abusey Junction from KOKOROKO:


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                    For nice electronics, cello and female vocals: Caroline Lavelle - Spirit. Great album. Her later work with Secret Sky is also very nice.

                    Literally everything by Kari Bremnes. Her live album Reise is superb.

                    One of the best albums ever imo is No-Man's Together were Stranger.
                    Returning Jesus is also a gem.

                    Lisa Gerrard. Need I say more? Her collaboration with Pieter Bourke is amazing.


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                      All the latest stuff by Leonard Cohen.


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                        Last night I listened to Richard Strauss's enormous Alpine Symphony streamed over BBC 3, which I played at moderately high volume, and the S 400s responded with total aplomb. In a word it was thrilling.

                        Lately, a lot of Bach solo keyboard, cello and violin works; and Beethoven Late String Quarters from the Emersons. Again, I felt the playing and reproduction were perfection.

                        Jazz, some streamed BBC jazz programs and live performances as well as CDs of Coltrane, Miles and Oscar Peterson.

                        The Buchardts are totally versatile for large and small scale music. Listening to Glenn Gould's "Goldberg Variations" was such an amazingly intimate experience. But I have to emphasize that the ability to play organ, symphonic and operatic music at high volume is wonderful.