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  • Speaker cables

    Hi there! Any good experience with speaker cables for I150 / S400 combination? Would like to move from Supra to something more transparent...

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    Hi vadik

    I think you should be offering a prize to anyone who can answer this question....perhaps a can of worms or maybe a lifetime supply of Ferero Rocher.


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      a cable thread ā€¦ šŸ˜³šŸ˜¬šŸ˜±


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        I just changed to a cable made with Canare 4s11 the other day. Took away some of the darkness from the S400/i150 combo. Opened up a bit. Not expensive cable. You can get pre-made from multiple places on the internet including Blue Jeans.

        Side note. At this point I am wondering how to find the end of the potential for the S400. They just keep giving more. Great speakers.


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          I'm hesitating between Viablue SC-6 and HGA X-16...


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            Didn't think I'd find a cable thread on a Buchardt audio forum but here we are.
            I've bought some fancy black cotton hifi power cords for my A700's but only because I like the look they bring to my setup.
            Same with my Isoacoustics Gaia III speaker feet. It's just nice to look at, and makes my speakers look more premium.
            Cable sound is nonsense. If it's copper or silver core is thick enough you will not be able to hear a difference between cables.


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              I use Atlas Cables Hyper 3.5 with Atlas Achromatic.

              3.5 mm2 cross section, sintered PTFE insulation cotton filler and PVC over jacket. Pulled through PVC tube underneath a door.

              Speaker cables do make a difference. But my main reason for purchasing were:
              1. Went from Yamaha AV receiver bi-wired / bi-amped 2.0 to NAD M33 single amp/stereo.
              2. Repositioned left hand speaker for wider speaker positioning, which meant the speaker was moved from the right to the left side of the door and I needed a longer cable with decent cross section.
              3. Bi-wiring did not fit through the PVC tube.
              4. Bananas are maybe the worst connection method between bare wire / spades / bananas, certainly with Argento Audio 5 way binding post of the S400 Signature speakers I recently purchased, but they are easy to use and look good.
              5. Oxygen free copper and PTFE insulation do make a difference.
              6. Oxygen free copper has a lower resistance and less contamination for free electron transfer.
              7. Fluoropolymers (Teflon) have extremely hi dielectric and the sintering process of PTFE caused much less heat stress than extrusion. The insulation can be kept thin thus the cable very flexible.
              I do not regret the purchase and the system sounds to my satisfaction.

              Other than that, a speaker cable is a speaker cable and I would never buy a new one for hundreds maybe thousands of EUROS just to try and improve the sound quality unless Iā€™d upgrade from a 0.75 mm2 PVC twin cord.


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                I have had excellent results with Triode Wire Labs speaker cables. Very good cables at a reasonable price.