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How to submit a bug report - Please read before posting.

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  • How to submit a bug report - Please read before posting.

    To give everyone the best possibility to help you with your issue, please use the form below when posting a bug report.
    Take some time to describe the issue as detailed and clear as possible. Pictures, or even better videos, can be of great help when troubleshooting, so if it is possible, please make good use of these tools when submitting a bug report.

    If you do not feel like writing about your issue in a public forum, you are always welcome to email us regarding your issues instead! This forum is NOT the only way to submit a bug report.

    Please browse through the "Solved" section of the forum, or use the search function, to ensure that you are not reporting a known bug, or a bug that is already being worked on.

    Please copy/paste the following form when submitting a bug report:

    What Buchardt Audio gear is used in the setup:

    Description of the bug/issue you are encountering:

    What have you tried so far to resolve the issue:

    Any other comment:
    Daniel Lindholdt