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Center speaker to keep up with Buchardt s400 mk2

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  • Center speaker to keep up with Buchardt s400 mk2

    I'am now a proud owner of the original s400 but i'am thinking to upgrade to the s400mk2.

    The Buchardts are now part of my ht with between them an B&O Beolab 7.4 but with this setup I found that the sound from the Beolab is to thin and is not meaty enough to compliment the s400.
    I experienced a sort of gap between the s400 with low dynamics range, I played with the settings and used audyssey but still didn't.t get the "wall of sound".

    I know a third s400 will be the best solution but I don't wanne go this route because of esthetischs.
    I prefer a sealed center or one with the bass port in front as am building my own cabinet to accommodate my equipment, it maybe is not the best way to go to put it in a cabinet but my space is limited and I wanne go for a clean look.

    Hopefully somebody can point me in the right direction so I can enjoy the speaker for music and get the "cinema' experience

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    You might try the Kef Q series center channels. They are quite neutral, not as a forward or detail-oriented as the higher end Kefs, and for me at least the esthetics are a good match for the Buchardts. They do a good job with midrange body which is important for the center channel dialog.


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      Thank you for the suggestion.
      The kef q serie was on my radar and i'am thinking to giving it a try when I receive the s400mkii.

      i had another few contenders but I cannot get them in the Netherlands.


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        In my search for a great center speaker to compliment the buchardts i came across the arendal 1723s center speaker.
        with its 6,5” woofer i hope it wil pair nicely.
        when they are back is stock i will order one and put my findings here


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          nice choice! I have to say look wise they matched up pretty good


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            That is exactly what i was thinking 😁.
            i was tempted to order the monitor speakers but those look to big, i like the form factor and performance of the s400 hopefully the s400mk2 will be a step up sound wise 😄.