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Buchardt S400 with Bluesound Powernode N330

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  • Buchardt S400 with Bluesound Powernode N330

    I currently have a Bluesound Powernode N330 (the newest version with 80W of nominal power at 8 Ohms) which I really love because of its features, like eArc HDMI and the ability to add wireless speakers for a 4.0 or 4.1 setup.

    Would this amp be powerful enough to power the S400? My room is around 45m2.

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    Hi PhilippeM

    It depends a lot on how loud you like your music, and how close you sit to the speakers. If you sit in the opposite side of the room compared to the speakers, and love party-like volumes, then 80W is a bit on the low side. But if you sit a little closer and are not playing really loud, you should be able to get very good results with the N330. More is almost always better, but with 80W you should still expect really good results.
    Daniel Lindholdt


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      Hey Daniel,

      Thanks for your response.
      I would mainly use the speakers as my TV speakers (at a distance of 3 to 4 meters) and some normal-volume music listening.
      Sounds like for my use-case the N330 would be sufficient!


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        I’am new in the world of hi fi but i also do own a set of s400, so iam of to a good start .

        these speakers are 4 ohm and the powernode is 80w, 8ohm.
        would the power output of the powernode not be higher with a 4ohm speaker load?


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          Yes the power at 4 ohms should be higher, although no official number is available.
          Official support is mentioning 160W here:
          That might be too good to be true imo, probably more like 120W which should still be good enough for a S400 hopefully.


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            Please let us/me know your impressions if somebody finally decide to pair up the s400 with N330. I pulled the trigger on s400 mII so now i need find an amp to go with them! On paper and with price in mind the the N330 looks almost to good to be true. But I still wanna pump up the volume now and then, so that's make me a little hesitant on the N330! My wife doesn't appeal on the thought of having a lot of gear showcasing, so a all in one solution would be to prefer. Any other suggestion in or around the same price point would also be helpful ?


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              I also love to get feedback about the pairing of the s400 and the powernode n330😁