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  • Love these S400s!

    Just thought I'd mention just how much I love the S400s from Buchardt. I've had them a couple of weeks now and have burned them in about 100 hours. These are exactly the speaker I was looking for. They replaced a pair of ProAc Tablettle 10 Signatures in my main system. I love the ProAcs but like the S400s more, which are probably not quite as refined, but to my ears much more musical, realistic and expressive. They seem almost omnidirectional at times. I also have a pair of Fern and Roby Cubes, Markaudio single drivers, that I have cycled in and out of this system and the S400s are a bit of both these speakers plus they go deeper and louder, when needed, which is exactly what I was looking for. No need for a sub anymore. They are rich, detailed and so very expressive in their presentation. I primarily listen to jazz, electronica, new age and vocals. I also think they are great for low level listening.

    I had to play with the location a bit. I don't really sit in a single sweet spot when listening to music rather walk around or sit in multiple locations. I found about 16" from the back wall to the back of the speaker and about 7 feet apart works well for me and provides excellent bass, no booming at all, and a very wide soundstage. I'm guessing because of the inverted design the height that works best for me is 32" high stands. I "threw" together some homemade stands to get that height where I thought it is best.

    I'm surprised that there aren't more users raving about these speakers like the reviewers. I have attached a picture so anyone interested can see placement and height.
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    Hi Steveo
    What a nice looking setup
    Super glad to hear your excitement about the S400's, that's really motivating for us to read, as it is of course the experience we want our customers to have with our speakers. And the S400 is a super capable speaker, especially for the price and if you feed them with some nice power.
    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience, I hope more S400 owners will join you at some point
    Daniel Lindholdt


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      I'm with you steveo. When I first got the S400s back in February I thought, yeah, OK, I am Cleopatra bathing in asses milk, but it was just skimmed milk and left me wanting more. Mind you they were paired with a Marantz PM7000N (too many buttons and a shitty remote) whilst I was waiting for my pre-ordered I150. It duly arrived. Ooh, full fat milk at last!

      I am now well over 1000 hours into my bath and the difference is staggering. Thick cream, strawberries, chocolate brownie with walnuts washed down with single malt whiskey made by elves. I am in heaven. The speakers and amp combo have matured considerably. Was quite surprised by the change over months. My rubbery bits must be very fit now given the exercise I give them daily. I don't really feel the need to change the tuning at all, but will be interesting to see if I can be swayed when the firmware update is finalised. Subtle room correction is all that is really needed now. These speakers are ridiculously good and have risen to every demand I have made of them. Still might buy the woofer when it comes out, just to make sure I am not missing anything. I love jazz and blues and electronic and rock and yes, even classical sometimes, as long as it has grunt.

      I am old school, so I like hard wired connections if at all possible, I don't stream, just put on a record or CD or maybe a ripped Youtube track via my Brennan B2, at a pinch I will use my blueteeth but not if there is an option. So passive was the only way to go and judging by this forum, that was a good move. Platin be very naughty it seems.

      Mads, you are a genius. Ruined my life, but none the less a genius. I never go out, just lie there in my bath, listening....

      Thank you very much.

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