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Can only set up one speaker

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  • Can only set up one speaker

    I received my A500s today but unfortunately have not been able to set them up with the hub. At least, one speaker does, but the other can't seem to be synced to the hub. I've updated the firmware using file TX2h.bin, shown as p12141.452.0 in the web interface, tried two master tunings (98DAD586.bin as well as 98DAD2001.bin). The remote works, I've set up Wifi via Google Home, I'm able to stream from the Spotify app on my phone and the Spotify app can be controlled by the hub remote (e.g. skip to next track). I've also tested them with XLR connections and then both speakers work, all this leads me to believe it is a software/sync problem.

    Whatever I do and no matter how often I repeat the sync process, the first speaker ends up with a solid wireless LED in the back and starts playing the music. I can only select 3 speaker positions (FL, FR and Subwoofer) on this speaker, On the second speaker, the wireless LED is solid for only 10-15 seconds during the sync process, but then starts rapidly blinking again around the time the music plays on the first speaker, and when I press the button it cycles through all 8 speaker positions. The first speaker also has a soft click/pop sound during the sync process, while the second speaker stays silent throughout the process.

    Any help much appreciated!

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    Hi Jeroen.

    We are doing an investigation on this. We do not know the course of this just yet, as it's something we have never seen before. We have seen one other customer with a similar issue, so we are hard at work to figure out what is going on. So sorry that you have to experience this!
    Regards Mads Buchardt.


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      Just received my A500 and it seems I have the same problem


      • Daniel Lindholdt
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        Hi Christian I have answered your email, and I do think your problem is something else.